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New vibration welders from Dukane provide reliable high speed operation with precision touchscreen control.
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To be exhibited at K 2004 Plastics Show
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Two new vibration welders for automotive, appliance and medical equipment parts are designed to handle a wider range of tooling with high reliability and shorter weld times than competing units. The mid-size Model VWB3500 (965mm x 455mm) and larger Model VWB3700 (1320mm x 610mm) from Dukane Corporation ( are used to weld assemblies made from glass-filled and high performance plastics.

The electromagnetic vibration heads are extremely durable and require no lubrication because they have no bearing surfaces. Shorter weld times are achieved by optimizing the heads to accommodate heavy tooling at high frequencies.

A linear transducer programmable from the controller assures precision height, slowdown point, weld start and weld distance of the lift table. Setup is fast and easy using the Auto-Tune feature that automatically finds the resonant frequency of the head. A color touchscreen operator interface with an intuitive online help system controls the welding process. Standard features include weld-by-distance, weld-by-time, programmable amplitude, multiple setups and three-level password protection. Built-in diagnostics minimize downtime.

Rigid construction, including four-rail lift slide assembly and rectangular tube steel frame lift table, allows efficient transmission of vibration to the parts, making Dukane welders among the quietest in the industry. Unitized construction makes them easier to install and move than units with separate sound enclosures requiring on-site assembly.

All Dukane vibration welders are built with commercial subassemblies that are readily available worldwide. This lessens the need for expensive service calls and assures longer and more economical product life than units built with a large number of proprietary components.

" Dukane is the only manufacturer to bring some of the most desirable features of vibration welding -- robust unitized construction, standardized easily available parts and extensive online help -- all together in units sized for today’s needs,” reports Tom Kirkland, Business Unit Manager.

Vibration welding is appropriate for many thermoplastic materials including amorphous resins such as ABS/PC, PVC, PMMA or PES; semi-crystallines such as HDPE, PA, PP and TPO. Dukane vibration welders are ideal in automotive assembly applications such as door panels, intake manifolds, instrument panels, tail lights and lenses, fluid reservoirs and bumpers. Aviation applications include HVAC ducts, air diverter valves, interior lighting and overhead storage bins. Appliance manufacturers may use Dukane vibration welders for dishwasher pumps and spray arms, detergent dispensers and vacuum cleaner housings.

The welders are covered by a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor in Europe and Asia.

Dukane Corporation is a leading international supplier of ultrasonic, vibration, spin, hot-plate and laser welders for OEM and commercial plastic assembly. The company also designs and manufactures precision tooling for all brands of vibration welders. Its worldwide service includes a new sales and technical facility in Prague, Czech Republic, serving Central and Eastern Europe.

The new vibration welders will be among the products shown by Dukane at K2004 in Dusseldorf, Germany, 20-27 Oct., Hall 11, Stand # 11C60.


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